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Take Back Your Life!

with Kathleen O'Brien LCSW

When teens act out, it is not just the teen who is affected. Every member of the family suffers when an adolescent with self-destructive behavior becomes the focus of the family system.

This workshop provides an opportunity to gain an understanding of how and why you react in certain ways. The willingness to practice is progress.

Some of the topics that will be covered:

  • Learn to recognize your own areas of stress, imbalance and
  • How to use external and internal boundaries to improve communication
  • How to manage fear and self-doubt in healthy ways
  • How reflexive behavior patterns lodged in the limbic system of the brain can undermine your life
  • How fear and self-doubt affect your brain and how you interact with others
  • How to define and implement the life changes you want to make
  • How to improve self-care and make wellness a priority
  • The five core issues
  • Addictions (doesn't just mean drugs and alcohol) and what they mean
  • Self-protection and self-abandonment: how acts of self-protection can become acts of self-abandonment and how these show up

We will focus on ways to improve the quality of your life (and of course family relationships) through the use of healthy boundaries, clear communications and good self-care. You will learn how to be an example for all members of the family to learn from.

Teens that are currently away in a wilderness program or boarding school will be able to transition back into the family home more smoothly if everyone is taking care of themselves.


Kathleen O'Brien, LCSW, is a psychotherapist for individuals, couples, and groups in Campbell. She trained with Pia Mellody at the Meadows, a trauma treatment center in Arizona. She incorporates the Meadows treatment model of working with addictions and co-dependence in her practice. Prior to establishing private practice, Kathleen worked at Stanford Medical Center where her activities included counseling, teaching and research. She was also a social worker at Kaiser Hospital in Santa Clara, San Mateo County Health Department and San Mateo County Adoptions. Kathleen is also a trained mediator.